5 effective ways to use Instagram stories at your next event

Instagram Stories are a series of photos and videos up to 10 seconds in length that allow users to speed up, rewind, or “Boomerang” your videos (so that it plays forward and backward). Stories are live for only 24 hours after being published, which can help installing a fear of missing out (FOMO) in your followers. If you’re lucky enough to have over 10,000 followers – you can add a clickable storie, helping you drive viewers to your ticketing page.


5: Reveal an artist

Especially in the music industry, your line-up is always hugely anticipated. Use instagram stories to tease your followers with hints of who may be performing live at your event. E.g , you could use a blurred picture that viewers can decipher or a recent quote from the performer.

4: Countdown to your event

If you have an up-coming event, you need to be building excitement. Instagram allows you to create a live ‘Countdown’ feature that indicates the start of your event. This will keep the interest between followers and emphasise excitement, as the countdown gets closer!


3: Q&As

Do your followers have common questions about your events? Do you always receive the same questions on your direct messenger? Collect the most frequently asked questions and answer them in a story.

E.g – Do you run a nightclub and are always being asked what’s the dress code? – Answer everybody all at once!

TOP TIP: You can also create ‘Highlights’ on your profile that allow viewers to watch certain stories more than once and forever (not just 24 hours). This is an effective way to compile FAQ’s in an easily accessible format that will stay forever.

2: Ticket Flash Sale

As Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, it’s the perfect way to announce a short flash sale. You are more likely to see a number of tickets purchased as users are scared to miss out on such a good deal and they know that it won’t last long! 

As mentioned before, if you have 10,000 followers or more you can add a click through straight to your ticket page!


1: Use Live video

Live videos are live streams that are visible to all of your followers. You can use live videos at your next event to share short clips of an interview and showcase your event.

How to use live video in your Instagram Stories:

  • Create a fear of missing out within your followers. You can do so by posting behind the scenes content for the event. E.g – If you run a theatre and you’ve got a big performance coming up , it would be a good idea to show the followers the clothing, make-up and rehearsals , to get them excited and curious.
  • Make your event and business relatable by videoing interviews with performers or speakers. 


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