5 Ways to Make New Fans Love Your Music Brand

You’ve already got an established fan base who are loyal to your brand and attend all of your concerts, but gaining new fans can be tough!

Building your fans can be an expensive task because new fans are much harder to market to. There are lots of ways to get more fans for your music, but it’s mainly down to your level of commitment and finding the

Your ultimate goal should not be to gain new followers and one-off attendees, but to turn these into consistent advocates for your brand and regular customers. 

Below are five ideas that you should try to gain new fans and turn them into regular attendees.

5. Make it personal

Use your existing fans to help you gain new fans. People buy into people, so you need to showcase a personal experience if you want to really paint an image of your music events.

Regularly post photos and videos taken from the perspective of a fan to show your new audience what your events will be like for them. You can use re-posts to show your events in a personal way too – if any of your fans post up pictures of them at your event enjoying themselves, ask if you can use this content on your channels.

4. Follow up, always!

You’ve just produced a fantastic music event and you need to capitalise on the buzz straight after the event. Take this time to notify your excited fans about any offers or upcoming events.

You could do a mini ‘re-cap’ of the event with the best bits and images to remind your attendees of how great it was. Then, use this opportunity to interest them with similar upcoming events that they might like.

3. You need to engage

Use social media to portray a brand voice & personality. You want your customers to be able to build connections with you and want to interact with your account.

  • Use call to actions in your captions. This means that you are asking your followers to do something after viewing your posts. E.g ‘LIKE if you loved our most recent event!’ or ‘COMMENT your favourite artist from the weeknd’
  • Use the hashtag feature to find people who attended your latest event and send them a short message thanking them for coming
  • Ensure professional customer service. Always respond promptly to any questions or queries that come your way on social media or email.

2. Build relationships with influencers

This is easier said than done but relationships are key in the music industry. Influencers are people that have a rather large social media following and have built up trust with their audience. You can use their strong following to your advantage by building connections with them and inviting them to your latest event in return for a social media post.

There are many ways to meet influencers, try going out to networking events, conferences, or search through social media.

One tweet from a big influencer can mean a huge increase in your following and a whole lot of new interest in your events.

1. Harness the power of email marketing

If you start using email marketing effectively, we guarantee that you’ll see some great results. It’s a great way to build a fanbase and keep fans on-board.

Email marketing keeps your brand at the forefront of your customers minds. Whether you wait until you have exciting news or you set up a monthly newsletter, your fans will always receive an email that reminds them just how great your brand is and it will keep them interested. Sites like MailChimp make it easier to structure and design your email templates, especially if you’re just starting out.

Top Tip: If you want people to sign up to your mailing list, have a big call to action button on your website. Usually brands have a pop-up form when a visitor is on their site.

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