Event planner’s social media checklist

 One of the best ways to spread the word about an upcoming event is through social media. When planning your event, it is becoming increasingly more important to have a Social Media plan because for the Event planner, social media provides new and exciting tools that can be used before,during and after the event.


Social media is an environment for event owners to share real life content and personalised graphics providing a legacy for your event. Events will become communities that will be built on passion and interests. For example, if you run a cake baking class, it is more than likely that the majority of your following will have the same interest– Cake baking. So, it is vital that you take this into consideration when planning your social media strategy, and ensure that you tailor all posts and captions to your niche audience. 

After all, it’s not enough for your followers to see your updates– you want to engage and convert them into paying customers and attendees at your upcoming events. For this to be possible, you need to use a range of tips and tricks to maximise your events online presence potential. 


 1. Have an events page 

This seems pretty straight forward, and it is! It’s important to have a dedicated page on social media for your events, a place where your fans can go to stay in the loop about your upcoming events!


2. Join relevant Facebook groups 

Facebook groups bring together people who share a common interest. It’s a great idea to join a group that’s made up of people who match your target customer, because you’ll have so many opportunities to improve your brand awareness and offer expert support in such industry.


3. Post content of your past events

In order to maximise engagement levels and cultivate a real community on your social media, you need to steer away from being too ‘salesy’. Space out your ticket sales posts with lifestyle images and the latest industry news. It’s important to utilise any previous events in your posting strategy too, include photos of happy attendees having a great time – this will help to portray your upcoming event in a positive light. If you have any well-known guest speakers or artists performing at your latest event, use this to your advantage and build excitement through posts on social media.


4. Have a blog section

Having a blog section on your website is a simple way to engage with potential customers, and allows you to tell a story of your brand. The most effective event business blogs answer frequently asked questions that their customers have. If you’re regularly creating blogs that helps your target customer, it will instantly build trust with them and they will begin to see you as an authoritative figure in such market. 


5. Utilise Instagram and Facebook stories

Stories are a short 24-hour feature that are a good way to promote your upcoming events and any latest offers. The short timeframe helps to create a buzz around your event/ticket sale and often forces people to make a quick decision, usually by visiting your website and looking at your latest deals. 

They allow you to interact with your audience by asking them a specific question or getting them to participate in certain polls and votes. An audience can be asked to vote on a specific topic, or you could host a quick Q&A answer session. 


6. Have a call to action in your captions

People focus so much on the actual images that they often forget about the caption! Captions can be highly effective and are a great tool to increase your engagement insights. The ultimate aim of any post is to get people interacting with your brand and a great way to start is having a call to action. By this we mean, asking the customer to do something. For example, if you just posted a picture of your upcoming cocktail event your caption could be as follows ‘Tag a friend who loves a cocktail 🍸’. This means you are driving more traffic to your profile and ultimately increasing your website traffic too.


7. Use your hashtags!

You need to come up with a brand hashtag that’s short and unique. When you post anything online, include your hashtag – every time. Why? Because hashtags help to increase your viewership online. They help people discover your content on social media, and will ultimately increase your post reach. Meaning your events are being seen by a greater number of people. 

Top tip: Include your event hashtag in your social media bio’s too! It’s the first thing the follower will see when they come to your page.


8. Use Facebook events to sell your tickets

Last year, more than 47 million public Facebook events were created. So you definitely need to make sure your event stands out from the crowd.

  • Your cover photo should fit the dimensions – 1920×1080 to ensure best quality
  • Make sure your choose the right category, so Facebook can promote your event to the right audience with similar interests
  • Your event description needs to be compelling and persuasive
  • Ensure your ticket link is visible

9. Run a social media competition

Social media is crucial when it comes to promoting your events, but you need to get your attendees involved as well. Competitions are a great way to capture word-of-mouth promotion and increase your followers at the same time, too. For example, if you run a festival event, you could do a “Competition to win 2 free tickets to see the big name artists LIVE! All you have to do is tag 2 friends and repost this on your account!”

10. Use live video at your events

Did you know?

30% of people who watch a livestream of an event, will attend the same event the following year. What a great way to increase ticket sales! The best way to do so is to use short clips from your event — such as behind the scenes or sneak peaks — to engage viewers.

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