How to use email marketing to gain new customers

For quite a long time now, email marketing has been a very effective and popular marketing strategy. It’s usually very proficient in getting your email users directed to your store and shopping. On the whole, email marketing has one of the highest ROI (Return on investment) figures due to it being relatively inexpensive to manage.

You’re probably wanting to know how to use email marketing to generate new customers and increase conversion rates? Getting potential customers to subscribe is the first port of call. Then once you have them on your email list, your focus switches to getting them to convert; you want your emails to lead to increased website traffic and a rise in online sales, ultimately.

Tip 3: Offer users a valuable incentive to subscribe

In order to gain new subscribers, you will need to offer something in return. It needs to be something of use to the customer, therefore offering them a valuable incentive will increase the likelihood of them signing up. What do we mean by a ‘valuable incentive?’

Here are some incentives you could offer to your customer:

  • Compelling content – If you have a blog on your site that already engages readers, offer to send your very best content and blogs directly to the users email!
  • First order discounts – If you sell your tickets through your website, you can offer potential customers a discount on their first purchase if they subscribe to your email list. This is a win-win situation. You will more than likely gain a new subscriber, and with their discounted price – the consumer will probably purchase from you too! E.g – Sign up to our email list and get 20% off your first set of tickets!
  • Reserve your seats before general sale – Let’s be honest – nobody wants to miss out on tickets to a great event, like yours! There’s also a scarcity when it comes to tickets selling out, so why not offer your subscribers a chance to reserve their tickets before anybody else? Surely that’s an incentive they can’t turn down.

Tip 2: Make your subject line stand out

If you want to ensure your emails are being opened, your job is to create engaging subject lines.

Here are our top tips when it comes to writing subject lines:

  • Encourage curiosity. Your job is to make the reader interested with just one line – make them enticed to find out more without giving too much away.
  • Use numbers. Studies have proven that our eyes are drawn to numbers first – use this technique to entice your readers.
  • Use a friendly tone – don’t sound too professional. You want it to sound like it’s just one of their friends, keep it conversation and be on their level.

Example subject lines that convert:


“25% your first set of tickets”


Tip 1: You need to have a marketing Offer

Having a marketing offer is essential to all of your email campaigns. A campaign offer is a special discount on your products or services or offering your subscribers the first chance to get involved. A great example of a marketing offer campaign is this email from : Hidden Dinner, an events company who are planning to throw a huge BBQ event!

This email emphasises an aspect of exclusivity, as it’s offering its subscribers the chance to reserve their seats at the BBQ before it goes on general sale, this also installs a fear of missing out on such a great opportunity!

What also makes this example great is a direct and easy call to action button – ‘RESERVE YOUR SEATS NOW’ . This takes the user straight to the website to register their interest without them having to make any extra effort!

You could showcase your latest product with a special offer or discounted price for subscribers only. This helps to make the user believe that this offer is unique to them and increases a sense of exclusivity.

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