Interactive Social Search Engine for Client

We developed an interactive social search engine for our client that helps businesses in making it easy for their customers to find and connect with their events. Businesses can advertise their events for free on the app.
Platform Availability

Android | iOS

Business Domain


Key Features

Let’s check out the amazing Pubit features for businesses:
Instant Messaging

Businesses can chat and connect directly with new customers.

Real-time Notifications

Businesses can send real-time notifications to your customers to keep them updated on upcoming events.


Via easy-to-read charts on a daily, weekly, and monthly view, businesses can see what is garnering more interest and success.

Easy Accessibility

Users can manage their businesses whenever and wherever they are.

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What’s in it for the users?

Some important elements of the app you must know:
Instant Messaging

Users can make friends, create groups, and chat with the group members within the app.

Real-time Notifications

Users can get notified when a new event has been added to their favorite venues, or when a friend is attending an event.


With the help of Google Maps, the users can get immediate directions to the event venues.

Global Search

Users can search for places and events all across the globe with the help of maps, search feature, or from the top listing view.


Easy-to-use, user-friendly, brilliantly designed mobile app

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