Should I use Influencer Marketing to Promote Events?

Influencer marketing can be a super effective way to promote your events. But do you know what to look out for?

Influencer marketing has become extremely popular recently, inline with the growth of social media. You may see lots of brands and products being promoted by influencers, but did you know that it can just as effective for event promotions?

The reason businesses use influencer marketing is to increase their visibility online and increase engagement. Below are the reasons that we think you should use influencers to market your events!

Influencers have already built up a trust

Lots of people have steered away from listening to the big celebrities who are paid a huge amount of money for a sponsored ad –  instead they are looking at the average person on social media for recommendations and reviews. It’s key to work with the right influencers who are in your ‘niche’, as this will help you to attract people from your target audiences who may have never heard of you before. For example, if your event is a student night-out, it will be much more beneficial to target influencers who’s following is mainly students. Influencers tend to establish themselves as an ‘expert’ in specific niches.

TOP TIP: You can ask influencers to send you pictures of their followers demographics! This helps if you need to target specific locations.

It can boost awareness and visibility

Utilising an influencer marketing campaign can help you promote your event before, during and after. You are using their strong, engaged following to increase your brand awareness, to get more people involved in your events. A great way to use influencers to ensure optimum results, is to invite them along to the event for free, so they can put your event in the spotlight and post regular updates of them enjoying themselves. It’s important to note that the followers are much more likely to listen to somebody who has actually attended your event and had first-hand experience.

Create a buzz around your events

The first step is to build awareness of your brand and event, but the most important part of an influencer marketing campaign, is to get your audience engaging . It is much easier to create a buzz about your events, if you can use an influencers existing following.

When promoting an event, it is crucial to make sure that you’ve provided a real immersive experience for the attendees. Something that your influencers will enjoy and want to promote. It is also key to keep everything honest and real;  ask your influencers to leave honest reviews and adapt any wording to fit their audience genre.

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