The biggest social media copy mistakes to avoid!

5. Using the wrong tone of voice

Your tone of voice is an integral part of your brand and it is the driving force for building relationships with your followers and potential target audience. You want your customer to be able to resonate with you which you can do by showcasing your personality through your captions.

Think about how you want to be portrayed by your audience. For example, a very business-like conference events team would want to use a professional, up-market and concise tone of voice in comparison to a music festival that wants to add some uniqueness to their brand identity.

The tone of voice needs to be consistent throughout all of your social media posts and captions, otherwise it may mislead your followers and make your profile look disjointed. 

4. Using hashtags incorrectly

Hashtags are a fantastic way to increase your posts reach and increase your brand visibility. However, in order to be most effective they need to be used correctly.

You need to think strategically. For example, if you only have 140 characters to engage with your twitter audience, it’s probably a bad idea to overload your tweet with hashtags. To avoid your content looking too salesy or spammy, just add one or two of the most industry dense keywords to the end of your post. This also applies to Facebook posts too.

However, on Instagram, you can use them more heavily. They have a limit of 30 hashtags per post – so if you are using relevant hashtags, it may be useful to use a full set to ensure optimum reach levels.

3. Not having a call to action

This is a chance to tell your followers what you want them to do after reading your post! 

Examples of calls to action are:

  • Like this post
  • Comment your favourite ‘_____’
  • Check out our new blog here ….

This post from Samaritans shows just how easy it is to include a call to action into a Tweet. In this case they have referenced a website link and told their followers to check it out!


2. Spelling and grammatical mistakes

We know event organisers live very busy lives and are usually squeezing in the time to post on their socials but it’s so important to take extra care to avoid spelling and grammatical errors from your captions. 

They make your business look unprofessional which may lead to potential customers going elsewhere and giving business to your competitors. It will make your brand look amatuer which really doesn’t help if you are trying to act as the ‘expert’ in your niche.

1. Too Much Brand Promotion

Another social media content mistake that many businesses make is over promoting their services. When you over-promote your products and services alot of your followers may start to lose interest and potential unfollow your account.

Your aim should be to build a community feel around your pages. For example, if your events business is student nights out – you need to keep the students engaged by posting university memes, advice and tips for living away from home etc offering free and useful content to your followers in order to gain their trust.

Non-promotional can also be user-generated content, an image or photo that shows your brand personality, or your office as well as blog posts. It’s important to mention that you do need to showcase your products online, but do so in a way that offers help and information to your audience without bombarding their feeds with ‘advert-like’ posts.

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