Top 3 Insider Instagram Tips for Event Organisers

With over 80% of social media users following business accounts, it’s a very effective way to connect and engage with your audience online. Posting consistently and creating detailed captions is certainly a great start, but we’ve put together some inside instagram tips to help you increase your brand visibility online.

Instagram is a platform that relies on engaging pictures and is driven by visual content. The great thing about your business is that events are great for generating lots of fun, exciting visual content which lends itself to instagrams algorithms. 

So, if you are looking to increase ticket sales, build your brand awareness or create an online community, follow these tips below to get a head start over your competitors.

3. Quality over quantity 

Consistency is key, but instagram has clearly stated that they value quality content over quantity.

As an event organiser, you are in a prime position for capturing the best visuals for your pages. Every event that you have is filled with opportunity to capture amazing graphics for your instagram profiles. Using a smartphone is a good way to grab some authentic pictures throughout the event, however I would highly recommend hiring a professional photographer to ensure you snap up the best shots from throughout the whole event. Photographers can be costly, but in turn can provide you with a full months worth of content from just one event – so it’s most definitely worth the hit! 

The more exciting your content, the more likely it is to reach a wider audience and gauge more traction. With so much fierce competition to promote your business online, compelling content is a great way to stand out from your competitors and win business. 

2. Give to receive 

The complicated Instagram algorithms work by showing users the content they are likely to engage with. A great way to increase the reach of your instagram posts is to engage with your followers/target audience online.

It’s very important to note that the quality of engagement counts for a lot. As a business, you need to be clever about the accounts you reach out to and leave comments on.

When is the best time to engage? 

Around 30 minutes before you plan to post up on your account, you need to get engaging. The more engagement your post receives in the first hour of being live, the more people instagram will show it to as they will deem it interesting content. 

What’s the best way to engage?

  • Utilise the comments section to get involved in industry conversations 
  • Respond to all of your comments, as soon as possible
  • Search a relevant niche hashtag and leave a tailored comment on the most 50 recent posts

Aswell as increasing your engagement levels, it should also drive a lot of traffic to your website and generate curiosity around your brand.

1. Did you know you can use hashtags in your stories?

Instagram Stories are a great way to promote your events and by taking advantage of their 24 hour timing, they are great for building a fear of missing out (FOMO).

However, over a third of businesses on instagram (that’s a very high number!) are using instagram stories daily to showcase their services, so you need to add a little extra to ensure yours are being viewed by as many people as possible. What? Hashtags.

You probably didn’t know, but there is actually a story section on the explore page when visitors search for hashtags. This means that anybody will be able to view your stories, not just your followers.

That all sounds great – but hashtags can make a story look rather cluttered and messy. Usually leading to followers swiping across without actually viewing your content fully. How can we avoid this?

Hide your hashtags!

  • Use two fingers to pinch your set of hashtags and minimise them so they are really small. Then, choose a sticker or gif to cover them and the users won’t even know that they are there! 

TOP TIP: Use hashtags relevant to your niche so you are attracting the right target audience. E.g if you run a music festival , use hashtags with industry dense words such as #topmusicartists 

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