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Top 5 Instagram competition Ideas

An Instagram competition is a great way of getting people to engage with your content whilst increasing the visibility of your event brand. To help you choose the right type of competition we’ve put together a list of our top 5 instagram contest ideas. 

5. Caption this photo 

This competition idea allows your page to encourage some wit and humor. 

All you need for a successful ‘caption this photo’ contest is a slightly unusual photo that has scope for imagination. 

How do I do this?

Post up a unique image of your instagram and ask your followers to leave their best caption ideas below. Then, you can go through the comments and find the best/ or funniest one! 

Quick summary

  • What do you want from the contest? Once you know what you want to achieve from the competition it’s easier to choose the best fit for you. For example if you want more followers, asking followers to tag their friends in your posts is probably your best bet!

  • Have you displayed your TC’s? Make the complete rules of the contest available to your followers – either in the caption or on your website. 

  • How long will your contest run? Set a start date and an end date for the competition. 

4. Like and/or comment to win

This is one of the most popular Instagram contest ideas. You need to think about it from a followers perspective, the less time it takes to enter – the more likely they are to get involved. A simple like or comment can be their entry to the prize draw. 

The quirky instagram brand runs a monthly giveaway on their Instagram account, here they have asked the audience a question ‘How do you make trouble?’ and all they ask is for you to comment down below. Simple to enter and easy to manage.

3. Get your audience actively involved

An Instagram competition is a great way to get your followers involved and build up a pile of content that you can use on your own social media channels – this is called user-generated content. 

You could ask your followers to post a picture of themselves using your product or simply upload images that are related to your service. For example, if you run a music festival – you could ask users to share pictures of their best memories at a music festival.

TOP TIP: Make it clear to your followers that you may use some of their content on your own channel. Create a small T&C’s section.

2. Team up with other brands

This is a great example of two brands joining together to offer a bigger and better prize. By teaming up with relevant brands within your niche it’s a great opportunity to widen your reach, as you are going to benefit from their already existing following. In this example, those who want to enter this competition must be following both businesses accounts – so it’s a win win situation on both hands. 

1. Tag-a-friend

Tag-a-friend contests are a great way to increase your brand visibility online and expose your brand to more people. The idea is pretty simple. Just ask your followers to tag (usually 2) their friends in the comment section of your competition post for a chance to be entered.

Each user who is tagged will receive a notification on their phone and will be promoted to follow your page. In turn, you should start to see your number of followers growing.

TOP TIP: In order to really increase your followers… make a rule so that all tagged users MUST be following your account.

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