What Event Owners Need to Know About Instagram Analytics

Instagram is well-known among event planners for such good engagement levels, however are these engagements actually leading to ticket sales?

It’s important to track your Instagram analytics and discover what is working and what isn’t — which means knowing what to measure and why is crucial. Here’s how to get started.

3 key Instagram insights for event owners

Insights are essential to understanding your audience and how their activity can translate to ticket sales. But remember, your data is only as good as how you act upon it!

1. Number Of Followers

I’m pretty sure you all know roughly how many followers you have on your Instagram page, but does that really mean anything? With Instagram Insights, you can track the growth of your followers and see a whole load of demographics on gender, age, and location which offers a much more in depth analysis.

What can you do with these metrics:

  • Tailor your content to your audience

E.g – If you are run a yoga class in London, but from your in-depth data analysis it becomes apparent that the majority of your following is from Manchester – you need to change something. Either look at moving your classes nearer to your main base of followers, or utilise ads to specifically target people in your area.

  • You can attract various event sponsors tailored to your demographics
  • Track clicks on your website

2. Post engagements

Engagement metrics show that your followers are interacting with your account and not just viewing it. Instagram Insights provides basic metrics on likes, comments and saved images. A great way to increase engagement insights is to leave a call to action in your caption.

E.g – For a festival owner, use your captions to build excitement and to get people talking. ‘Who are you most looking forward to seeing this weekend?’

How to get the most from this metric:

  • Tailor your posting schedule (optimum times etc)
  • Determine which types of posts are performing best (video or still images)

3. Review Your Ad Performance

Instagram offers a variety of options in terms of how you promote your content via paid ads. You can create ads from scratch, boost a popular post, or use stories as an ad placement.

How to get more from this metric:

  • Track basic performance via Instagram’s parent tools
  • Ensure your location targeting is correct. Ads allow you to specifically choose the location that views your ad, make sure this is relevant to your event.
  • Choose the best placements. You can choose where you ad is viewed, either via a post, story and IGTV. After analysing your initial results, if results show that a certain placement isn’t bringing in as much traffic as others, you need to modify your ad to ensure maximum results.
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